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Animated Short Film Using Filipino Martial Arts (Arnis, Kali, Eskrima)

We’ve already seen plenty of Filipino martial arts fight scenes in Hollywood. What about in animated films, you ask? I’m not aware of any that’s popular. But look what I stumbled upon. Below is an animated short film featuring Filipino martial arts (Arnis, Kali, Eskrima).

Not my own words but quoted from the animator’s Vimeo account:

“It has been said that a fighter fights for himself but a warrior fights for his people. Three Filipino warriors fought against the oppression of the Spanish regime in the late 19th century. They come from different backgrounds – a man from a line of chieftains conquered centuries ago; a woman with the conqueror’s blood in her veins rejected by her family of privilege; and a young man from a land across the sea fighting for his new home. Now the three find themselves in a new time. A time where the Philippines…

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Muay Thai Friday – November 21

Wombat Sports

Recent Fight Results

Miklasova Miklasova

On November 14th marked the GirlsPower 60 kg tournament in Liepaja, Latvia.

Anna Tatjana Lie Norum of Norway by decision took home the title after defeating Ivana Miklasova of Slovakia  in the finals. Tatjana would decision Denmark’s Pernille Schjønning in the quarterfinals and get the first round knockout over Latvia’s Karina Jarjomenko in the semi-finals.

Here is the complete tournament results:


  • Seda Duygu Aygun (Turkey) def. Elina Nilsson (Sweden) by decision
  • Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia) def. Daorung Samrong (Thailand) by decision
  • Anna Tatjana Lie Norum (Norway) def. Pernille Schjønning (Denmark) by decision
  • Karina Jarjomenko (Latvia) def. Ratnadiptee Shimpi (India) by decision


  • Ivana Miklasova def. Seda Duygu Aygun by KO round 2
  • Anna Tatjana LieNorum def. Karina Jarjomenko by KO round 1


  •  Anna Tatjana Lie Norum def. Ivana Miklasova by decision

In other action on November 14th:

  • Beckie Hodge (Wales) def. Laura Williams (Jersey) by decision…

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“Imi” Lichtenfeld- The Father Of Krav Maga

Combat Conversation

founder-krav-maga-imi-lichtenfeld IMRE “IMI” LICHTENFELD

Krav Maga, or “contact combat”, is known for being a brutal martial art. Used by the Israeli Defense Force it is an art that focuses on attacking the most vulnerable parts of the body. Back in 1948 when the IDF was founded it’s School of Combat Fitness was ran by its Chief Instructor, a man by the name of Imre “Imi” Lichtenfeld.

imi-lichtenfeld A YOUNG IMI

     Born in Hungary in 1910, Lichtenfeld grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia. His dad Samuel was a policeman and an acrobat. As a youth Imi trained under his father who was also a boxer and a wrestler. In the 1930’s when Germany approved the Nuremburg Laws (which said Jews were inferior and weren’t entitled to the same protections as German citizens), Imi, along with a lot of his boxing and wresting buddies, had to defend themselves frequently against Anti-Semites that would terrorize…

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Panna Rittikrai’s last! The Trailer for Vengeance Of An Assassin is here!

Thanks to the good folks at Soreelflix for this heads up…Panna Rittikrai has left us with one final film, and goodness, it may outdo the insanity of Bangkok Knockout! The old shaolin man alone is reason enough to see this film, as well as anything with Dan Chupong, but that shot of Dan shooting that guy as they both fall from a building! Damn! I am pumped to see this! They may also be in the running for best martial arts scene on a train…

Here is the trailer:

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