REVIEW: Kung Fu Jungle World Premiere


Donnie Yen’s newest film sees him reunite with Teddy Chen, with whom he worked on Bodyguards & Assassins with. The film called Kung Fu Jungle, a title relating to the crazy, high flying acrobatic concrete jungle Yen finds himself in in the film, is a twist on the martial arts genre.


Being fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of this film which was shown at BFI’s London Film Festival this year, I was treated to the musings of the producer, the director and of course the two leads – Donnie Yen and Bing Bai. Their combined goal, as Yen did much of the action direction, was to combine the central premise of a thriller with the audience winning spectacle that are martial arts movies. I can confidently say – being a major fan of martial arts movies – that this film not only succeeds but flourishes in its attempts…

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