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Merry Christmas & have a Soccer Kicking New Year!

FSA - FightSport Asia

Fight Sport Asia would like to wish everyone in the Asian MMA community & beyond, a Happy Christmas & New Years….

To celebrate what has been another booming year in Asian MMA, we give to you a Soccer Kick Highlight from Asian MMA’s leading promotion.

Soccer Kicks & Knees to the downed opponent makes One FC such an interesting event.
I’ve sat through full undercards of unknown fighters, because every now and then you will see the raw savagery of a KO/TKO Soccer Kick.

The rules bring MMA a little closer to the real ‘fight’ scenario, another tool to use & another to be wary of.

Sit back & enjoy the compilation.

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Razmafzar – Persian Martial Arts Alive and Well – An Interview with Manouchehr Mostagh Khorasani

The Freelancer

Alphabet - A martial artist, linguist, historian and tireless arms and armour researcher, Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani (Germany) is an award-winning author who won the prestigious awards of the Book Prize of the Islamic Republic of Iran (2012) for his book Lexicon of Arms and Armor from Iran: A Study of Symbols and Terminology and Arms and Armor from Iran: The Bronze Age to the End of the Qajar Period(2009), which also won the World Book Prize in the field of Iranian Studies in 2009. The latter book is based on over 800 primary and secondary sources and features a detailed analysis of over 520 artifacts from ten Iranian museums for the first time. Some selected items from private collections are also featured in this book.

Dr. Khorasani is also the author of the book Antique Oriental and Arab Weapons and Armour: The Streshinskiy Collection (published 2010) and has written well over…

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Hawaii: Way of the Warrior

Warrior Publications

By Naomi Sodeta, Hana Hou! magazine

Traditional Hawaiian warrior with helmet. Traditional Hawaiian warrior with helmet.

As dusk falls over Honolulu, a dozen Hawaiian men and women clad in black T-shirts and shorts gather on wooden benches outside a gym on a hilltop overlooking downtown.  As they step through the doors and line up on the padded mats, their jocular conversation segues into hushed concentration.

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Traditional Vietnamese martial art


Traditional Vietnamese martial art

Cuu Long Vo Dao

The CUU-LONG VO DAO, is a traditional Vietnamese martial art  based on fluidity and flexibility and  influenced by south East Asian style, It is based on four key notions :

  • Short distance superiority
  • Flexibility against force, dodge superiority
  • Fighting, how to control violence, avoiding unnecessary violence 
  • We also teach traditional weaponry ( stick, sword, knives)

Student learn through several forms (quyen) and their applications (thieu), and of course learn to fight in a safe environment





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Preparing Your Eskrima for the Street


"Secrets" of the Filipino Fighting Arts

Is your Eskrima still “street-effective”?

One of the things drawing street defense/self defense enthusiast to the Filipino art is our simplicity and our effectiveness for the average man’s needs. I ask if your FMA is “still” street-effective because over the recent 30 or so years that the FMA has been noticed by the mainstreet, most styles have lost that edge. Perhaps your Grandmaster’s Eskrima was good for defense and street fighting, but most likely over the two or three generations that it got to you–your art very likely has lost that “ummph”:

  • Teachers have focused on developing their skill at putting on nice demos, rather than fighting
  • Teachers no longer put students up against other students out of concern that those who lose in matches may become discouraged and quit
  • Eskrima curriculum have started to focus on fighting other Eskrimadors, rather than what will be encountered on the…

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