Gatka – Sikh Martial arts


Gatka is an Indian Martial arts, which is weapon based and was created by the Sikhs from the Punjab. Gatka can be practised either as a sport or ritual. It was imparted to the Sikhs in the time of Guru Hargobind Ji, who is the sixth Guru of the Sikhs in the 16th Century.

The tenth master of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was an extremely proficient martial artist. Guru Gobind Singh Ji encouraged the Sikhs to train seriously in the martial arts, and in 1699 founded the Khalsa, a special order to which all the Sikhs would therefore desire joining.

Khalsa means pure, the Sikh Brotherhood. The Khalsa always carry five items with them which are:

1)      Kanga (small wooden comb)

2)      Kacchehra (long drawers instead of loincloth)

3)     Kara (a steel bangle worn on the right arm)

4)      Kesh (uncut hair)

5)      Kirpan (curved sword)

The Khalsa…

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