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MARTIALXCHANGE.COM sponsors Austin’s 1st ever Feature Face off



Asian Cinema Austin , Lucky Chaos Theater Projects And Austin Asian American Film Festival
present two South Korean action thriller face off screenings. The man from Nowhere vs The Suspect. These Korean blockbusters will go head to head on 2/6 – 2/7 and 2/13 – 2/14. Come and join us for this one of a kind event. The Format for the face off is as follows: After each screening we will have an open discussion with a panel and audience participation. All audience members participating will receive prizes courtesy of The 3 best audience participants will receive a very special prize and move on to represent their screening in the final Face off. The 3 winners of each final Face off will be awarded an awesome Grand Prize!
Doors will open at 6:00pm. The cost is $10.00 per screening or you can purchase tickets for any two of the 4 screening for a discounted $15.00. Advanced tickets can be purchased@
or you can purchase tickets at the box office the day of the screenings. Limited seating available, so purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

More From The Sikh Martial System Of Gatka!

The Instinctive Edge™


…..I thought you might enjoy a few more videos from the Sikh martial art of Gatka.  Enjoy!

See You On The Mats!

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Two Encounters with Bruce Lee: Finding Reality in the Life of the Little Dragon

Kung Fu Tea

Bruce Lee Graffiti.  Source: Wikimedia. Bruce Lee Graffiti. Source: Wikimedia.

John Little (ed.) 2000. Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon. Rutland: Tuttle Publishing.

Tommy Gong. 2014. Bruce Lee: The Evolution of a Martial Artist, 2nd edition. Black Belt Books, a Division of Ohara Publications, inc.

“Remembering” Bruce Lee, for the First Time

It seems that at some point every martial artist must encounter Bruce Lee. Many individuals can tell dramatic stories about the first time that they saw him dominate the action in the Green Hornet, or that hot summer night in 1973 when he flew right off of the drive-in movie screen. These moments are often discussed with a sort of awe and reverence that is reserved for religious experiences. Indeed, that is precisely what Bruce Lee became for a generation of martial artists. He was a prophet of the idea of self-liberation; an embodied promise that a more…

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Japan’s Karate Kid: Kyoji Horiguchi – The Future Of Shotokan Karate?


Kyoji Horiguchi is a Japanese mixed martial artist currently competing in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is the former Shooto Bantamweight Champion and is one of the brightest prospects in MMA. He is currently based in Tokyo and trains alongside legendary Kid Yamamoto at his gym, Krazy Bee.


Horiguchi boasts a Shotokan Karate background which he takes advantage of when moving about in the cage, making it difficult for his opponents to guess his next move. On top of that he can really pack a punch and his MMA record consists of 14 wins and only 1 loss with 9 KOs – unusual for a flyweight fighter.

Horoguchi faced Louis Guadinot on January 3, 2014 at UFC 182 and won the fight by unanimous decision. Check out some of his highlights below

Japanese program VICE find out what his day-to-day life consists of, including his down time fishing down by the…

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Cordao De Ouro


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A feature on the melodic martial art

Capoeira is a martial art with a difference; it uses combat, music and dance to express Afro Brazilian history.

Capoeira Instructor Fiaz Jaca Cdo explained: “Capoeira originated in Brazil among African slaves. The slaves were banned from practicing martial arts, so they disguised it as dance. Today Capoeira incorporates this influence in its beats and languages.”

Dance is now vital in Capoeira culture. While some classes focus on ‘play’ similar to sparring Instructor Jaca’s Cordao De Ouro class also uses musical movement play to improve stretch and coordination. It was this aspect that first brought him to practice.

He said: “My ex-wife is a dancer and she was trying to loosen me up, both physically and mentally, so she brought me to a Capoeira class. At the time I could barely touch my toes and wasn’t sure if it was for me, but the…

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