Discussions with Wong Shun Leung – Chum Kiu

Wing Chun United


Wong Shun Leung’s thoughts on Chum Kiu

Yvette Wong invited Master Wong Shun Leung and Master Tsui Sheung Tin to visit the city of Victoria, B.C. for a holiday. At the same time she arranged for them to give a two hour seminar. During their stay, she had frequent opportunity to clarify various points about Wing Chun. We hope some of these points will help the current generation of practitioners with their Wing Chun. After reading these points again, I am amazed at how many things these masters said in a very short seminar. They were literally overflowing with knowledge. These points were translated by Yvette Wong from the Cantonese talk that Master Wong Shun Leung gave. This means we may not have captured the true essence of all that was said.

“If you throw a left punch at someone and they use the right Bong sau, you can pull their…

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