Is The Pacman-Mayweather Tiff Finally For Real Now?

Color My World (charly's blog)

It seems that the madly-anticipated super-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao will push through this May after all! Finally. After a painful on-again, off-again roller coaster ride that had many boxing fans dizzy and puking with exasperation, the dream bout is reportedly closer to becoming a reality than it has ever been before. EVER.

pacmay5 Is this fight finally on? (Courtesy of

Floyd and Manny actually bumped into each other in a Miami Heat game at the American Airlines Arena last January 28 after Manny’s flight out of Miami got postponed. This was after Manny had completed his stint as a judge in the Miss Universe contest held in Miami. Some say the chance-encounter was not a coincidence but a carefully stage-managed event meant to whet the appetites of the fanatics out there. Whatever it was, sportsfans jostled in excitement and anticipation as Floyd went over to Manny, who was…

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