Fighting arts vs warrior arts: Aikido

Ayman Yusof

I’ve trained heavily in both combat sports and traditional non-competitive martial arts and when it comes to the greatest debates, the ultimate question comes down to ‘what works and what doesn’t’. Before we move on, we have to ask ourselves what does it mean when we state that something is efficient or not. Efficiency, practicality and ‘what works’, from my personal experience, comes from the situation you are faced with and how you apply what you’ve learnt…and what you’ve learnt doesn’t have to be the physical aspect of combat.

There are a lot of MMA guys out there that point fingers on Aikido saying that what Aikido teaches doesn’t work (now let’s remove that ‘no-touch’ Aikido movement; I don’t speak for that at all!). I disagree with this but I understand where they are coming from. Most of these guys have not studied Aikido. Why don’t you look at those…

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