CM Punk Says ‘MMA Is Pro Wrestling’ In His Latest Interview


We haven’t heard a lot out of Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, since he announced that he would be training for his UFC debut at Milwaukee’s Roufusport Academy. Brooks sat down with Milwaukee’s TMJ 4 reporter Lance Allan for an interview on Friday, and he dropped some interesting tidbits:

“I think MMA is pro wrestling. If you go back to the early 1900’s and the whole genesis of professional wrestling, and then you go back to the early beginnings of MMA, it was all pro wrestlers.”

I think Punk just made a whole mess of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and vale tudo fighters really upset with that comment. Side note, now I kind of want to see Punk fight Pele Landi-Jons.

Speaking of pro wrestlers, though, Punk has been in contact with one of the most successful people to transition between mixed martial arts and pro graps, Brock Lesnar:


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