Jigen-Ryu Swordsmanship, by a New York City-based Japanese Kenjutsu Master, 1903

Martial Arts New York

“Fencing, of course, is well known in New York, but our method is entirely different…”

On September 10, 1901, the following announcement appeared in Japan and America, a magazine based at 203 Broadway, New York City:

The famous Japanese fencer, Tatewaki K. Kawasaki, of the “Jigen-ryu” school, who was studying in A. M. Chesbrough Seminary, North Chili, has returned to this city [New York]. He is writing a series of articles in English on his singular sword play, with the view to disclose it to Western fencers and athletes, as well as to the American public.

Above: Kawasaki in the Omaha Daily Bee, 1906. Source: Library of Congress. Kawasaki in the Omaha Daily Bee, 1906.

According to the New York Press, Tatewaki K. Kawasaki had taken “a classical course at a school neear Rochester,” New York, and had taken European fencing from Camero Negroni, before arriving in New York City, where he would “introduce the Japanese method of sword combat.”

The public…

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