A Very Particular Set Of Little-Known Facts About The ‘Taken’ Franchise



Liam Neeson has done nine action movies in the last seven years; everything from fantasy like Clash of the Titans to crime thrillers like Non-Stop to ’80s TV show send-ups such as The A-Team. It’s not a career path Neeson planned on taking. He had dabbled in action roles with Batman Begins and The Phantom Menace, but the actor was most well-known for his dramatic work in movies like Schindler’s List and Kinsey. Taken changed all of that in 2008 when it pulled a whopping $226.8 million at the box office. Suddenly, at 61, Neeson found himself to be Hollywood’s newest action star. Neeson told GQ that he simply wanted to try some action stuff and never imagined it becoming such a hit.

“I really thought it would be kind of a little side road from my so-called career. Really thought it would go straight to video…

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