GLORY Middleweight tournament breakdown: Simon Marcus

Pure Combat sports

If looks could kill, Simon Marcus would walk through the GLORY middleweight tournament unscathed. A physically imposing fighter who boasts an impressive resume that has seem him win championships such as Lion Fight, WBC, WPMF, WKA and more, as well as scoring victories over Kickboxing and Muay Thai royalty such as Filip Verlinden, Kaokla Kaennorsing, Joe Schilling and world ranked #1 Artem Levin, you could be forgiven for thinking that based on his past achievements he is the logical choice for the tournaments number one seed, however this is not the case.

Due to the ever blurring line between Muay Thai and Kickboxing, few specialist fighters exist at the elite level, with more and more up and comers choosing to split their careers between the two rulesets, particularly with GLORY offering far more lucrative opportunities than any Muay Thai organisation currently. Marcus is one of these rare specialists, his tools…

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