Daniel Geale vs Miguel Cotto and the history of the unlucky Australian middleweights

The Boxing History Corner

Daniel Geale will become the second Australian to challenge for the real world middleweight championship when he faces Miguel Cotto in Brooklyn on June 6. Cotto holds the WBC middleweight title, but he also holds the lineal title which is something that most casual boxing fans don’t understand. The lineal title carries historical significance, it’s above the alphabet soup of world title belts that plague the current boxing scene. A fighter can only become the lineal champion by beating the previous lineal champion, so in essence the lineal champion is “the man who beat the man.” Miguel Cotto is the man who beat the man.
Cotto vs Geale
When a reigning lineal champion retires the title is filled when the top fighters face each other. Historically at middleweight this has happened five times. Middleweight champion from 1907-1908 and then again from 1908 Stanley Ketchel was murdered in October 1910. The title was claimed…

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