‘Kung Fu Jungle’ is Donnie Yen’s wild comeback

Cinema or Cine-meh?


Kung Fu Jungle (2015)

Directed by Teddy Chan

6.5/10  PG-13

Knowing almost nothing about contemporary kung fu movies, I couldn’t tell you if “Kung Fu Jungle” is a good one or not. From what I’ve read, this Cantonese-language crime thriller serves as a sort of comeback for kung fu king Donnie Yen, the 51-year-old martial artist and star of “Ip Man” and “Hero.” But as an uninformed viewer, I can say I 20141031_kungfujungle_goldenvillagefound it shocking that he would have a slump to come back from in the first place.

Compared to American movies, the plot of “Kung Fu Jungle” nears absurdity. But of the few kung fu movies I’ve seen, this one is pretty good. Hahou Mo (Yen) is sent to jail for accidentally killing a man in a fight, but three years later gets the opportunity to earn his freedom by helping a detective (Charlie Yeung) find a serial killer…

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