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Capoeira Roda de Rua

Fino Cambur

On May 1st (labor day in Venezuela) my Capoeira group organized a Roda de Rua — basically a street demonstration of all the fighting, dancing and music that comes with Capoeira. We set up on a pedestrian street called Sabana Grande, near Plaza Venezuela. Now, I’ve always enjoyed watching street performances, from magicians to musicians, but this was the first time I was part of one; it was pretty fino cambur.

Since I’ve been making videos recently with the Cameo app, I decided to do one for the Roda de Rua as well. Enjoy!

CAPOEIRA | RODA DE RUA from Michael Stein-Ross on Vimeo.

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Here is why I would love to see more women in martial arts

Red Stripe to Black

I have little under 4 weeks until I take my black belt grading exam and I am still excited and scared, and even had a dream about it last night. When I went out for lunch with my old training partner, who is a 2nd degree black belt, we were talking about why we took up martial arts and why we thought more women should do it.  In our dojang we have seen women come and go. I was out for 8 years going through marriage, pregnancies, work and life. I couldn’t get it together to come back but did when I saw Lutalo Muhhamad, one of ours from my dojang, get a bronze in the 2012 Olympics. As I went down to the dojang to congratulate him I got a warm welcome and the urge to go back. I haven’t looked back since. My fellow practitioner is now expecting…

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