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Official Africa Top Team Nigeria Training Gear available May 17, 2021 at

We would like to announce the official debut of Africa Top Team Nigeria training gear on Monday, May 17, 2021 at

Portions of proceeds from sales, go directly to supporting African Combat Sports in Nigeria!

Hero Samson, Executive Director of the Heroes gym and Africa top team Nigeria, located in Port Harcourt Nigeria says:

Be among the very first to wear a name that will be HONORED, DESIRED and FEARED at the same time… A household name.
Be counted among the LUCKY, BLESSED and FAVOURED ones to use the most FAMOUS/POPULAR apparels in the WORLD!!!…
This is the BEST quality you can find ANYWHERE…
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A trial will convince you…
Start placing your orders right away!!!….

This debut represents only the beginning of an entire line of Africa Top Team apparel and training gear. In the near future, we plan to release an extensive line of products, corresponding to the rise of African Combat Sports and to the development of Africa Top Teams across Africa and the entire African diaspora!

By Fred Ford Jr

DFC AFRICA MMA fight night Friday 19th March 2021

Our man, Daniel Iwuoha was born and bred at IHIOMMA, International Heroes’ Institute Of Mixed Martial Arts.He hails from Imo state, Nigeria. He Spent his childhood days trying to live and survive in one of the most dangerous areas of Edo and Delta province.Just two months of training with iHiomma, he dominated and won against his opponent who had spent about 7years in Martial arts, with a TKO, without a single scratch on his body. He’s is currently a gold medalist, a national Champion in Kickboxing and one of the most feared fighters in his martial art family known as the Heroes gym and Africa Top Team Nigeria…Trained by Executive Director Hero Samson, “Danny the Great” looks to burst on the scene with his national championship welterweight fight at Dfc Africa, Friday night March 19th, 2021.Please join us in supporting our dear brother. Let’s go!!!

DFC AFRICA president Amb Henry George confirmed yesterday in a live program that the port Harcourt mega MMA fight night will host this Friday 19th March 2021 Eddiz wine bar GRA Port Harcourt Nigeria.

Dynamite Fighting Championship (DFC) AFRICA is back. Nigeria mixed Martial arts fight night in Port Harcourt, is back.This LIVE fight show will blow your mind.Date: This Friday, 19th March 2021Venue: Eddiz wine bar GRA PH Time 6:30pmGet your ticket now @ Eddiz Wine bar GRA Port Harcourt, or Odenu Hotel, psychiatric hospital road.Don’t miss it. . .

The Challenger Nollywood Martial Arts Action Featuring *Abel Chiviks*


Future Nigerian Martial Arts action star, Abel Chiviks, burst on the scene with a martial arts short shot on his I phone.

IF YOU MISS WATCHING THIS VIDEO, THEN YOU’VE TOTALLY MISSED THE BEST SHORT ACTION CLIP OF THIS YEAR…This is the Heroes’ Gym! “The Origin of the best of the best!!This is AFRICA TOP TEAM! “The only TEAM that sets the PACE for all WORLD TEAMS and in all PLANETS”!!!This is the AFRICA TOP TEAM NIGERIA! “The BIRTHPLACE of WARRIORS and CHAMPIONS”!!!This is The LEDGE GROUP! “Making AFRICA great and remaining GREAT until the end of TIME”!!!This is LEDGE SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT NIGERIA! “The BEST PLACE and HOME for SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT in the WORLD”!!!We know no FAILURE! DEATH!! or DEFEAT!!!We are seeds! When buried, we grow and sprout stronger!!!Cut one head? We grow a thousand more!!!

LSAE would like to announce that lil brother Abel Chiviks will be formally joining the Ledge sports and entertainment family as a partner in our entertainment division. CEO Peter Brown, the Ledge Group, executive director Hero Samson and Fred Ford Jr have sanctioned and are financing the foundation of Chiviks Media Group! We look forward to working with this very talented young man to bring to the world the best martial arts content from Nigeria 🇳🇬. Stay tuned…………..

Africa top team – tHE bEGINNING


Africa Top Team supports all forms of combat sports in the motherland. Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Kumite and Grappling. All are welcome. Africa is the birth place of all martial arts. Along with our parent company, LSE, we also wish to promote the indigenous martial arts of Africa and create sustainable platforms for martial arts exchanges in Africa and across the entire African diaspora! With this we will restore the African warrior spirit and cement it’s place as the number# 1 destination for martial arts in the world!

Africa Top Team! Ledge Sports and Entertainment, parent company of Africa Top Team is building the premier organization for combat sports in Africa. We are currently building infrastructure in Nigeria and have initiated teams in Zambia and Cameroon. We plan to expand to every country in Africa! So Boxers, Kickboxers, Grapplers and mma fighters, join our group to follow our progress. We want to get to know each and every one of you.


The MartialXChange


Pentax K-1 & Priolite – Capoeira — TRAVEL 67 : Chris Willson Photography

It’s rainy season in Okinawa, but yesterday morning we had a dry spell long enough to capture Ben and Antonio practicing capoeira at Araha Beach. Gear: Pentax K-1, 28-105mm lens, Priolite M-Pack 1000 HotSync strobe Using the Priolite HotSync system meant I was freezing the action with the shutter speed rather than the flash duration. […]

via Pentax K-1 & Priolite – Capoeira — TRAVEL 67 : Chris Willson Photography

H.A.M.A- Historical African Martial Arts


Damon Stith of Austin Warrior Arts puts African Martial Arts on blast. He is one of the foremost practitioners and researchers of traditional African Martial Arts in the world.

This project has been a long time in the making and represents his lifetime commitment to share the vast array of martial arts that represent Africa and the African diaspora.

Historical African Martial Arts (HAMA) is set to launch. If you are interested in learning more about African warfare, martial arts, history and culture please feel free to contact me via facebook or personal email. If you are a researcher, martial artist, artist, sword maker, leather worker etc we invite to lend your unique skill set to the community. If you are interested in starting a study group in your area or if you would like to host a workshop please contact me at or (512)945-4241

This concept banner was created by Skye Ashley.
Please note that i am not doing this alone. We have a representatives in at least five states and in Canada!

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