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Official Africa Top Team Nigeria Training Gear available May 17, 2021 at

We would like to announce the official debut of Africa Top Team Nigeria training gear on Monday, May 17, 2021 at

Portions of proceeds from sales, go directly to supporting African Combat Sports in Nigeria!

Hero Samson, Executive Director of the Heroes gym and Africa top team Nigeria, located in Port Harcourt Nigeria says:

Be among the very first to wear a name that will be HONORED, DESIRED and FEARED at the same time… A household name.
Be counted among the LUCKY, BLESSED and FAVOURED ones to use the most FAMOUS/POPULAR apparels in the WORLD!!!…
This is the BEST quality you can find ANYWHERE…
The BEST quality you can trust ANYTIME…
The BEST quality you can use ANYHOW…
A trial will convince you…
Start placing your orders right away!!!….

This debut represents only the beginning of an entire line of Africa Top Team apparel and training gear. In the near future, we plan to release an extensive line of products, corresponding to the rise of African Combat Sports and to the development of Africa Top Teams across Africa and the entire African diaspora!

By Fred Ford Jr

Self defense tips for defeating a larger attacker — Scranton MMA

A few tips that will help you defeat a larger attacker. 1. You Choose Where The Fight Happen. I think the number one thing you can do to give yourself an edge against a larger attacker is to chose where the fight will happen. The most obvious way to use this tip is that if […]

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Judo for BJJ – Becoming a more well-rounded grappler — BJJ Minion

I’ve previously blogged about why people who do BJJ should train Judo on this site so regular readers will know that I love my Judo training and for me its just part of my grappling training. Following the Europeans I have taken some time out of competition mode to broaden my game as well as to […]

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