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Jean-Claude Van Damme returns as the teacher in the trailer for ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance.’

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26th All Japan old new videos — nadin4eblog

1994 the 26th All Japan Open Championship. Many of the legendary profiles attended and fought each other on the tatami: Kenji Yamaki, Hiroki Kurosawa, Norchika Tsukamoto, Nicholas Pettas, Hajime Kazumi and more… Here is some new videos from Kyokushin Karate Youtube channel. Big Thank you! Big Osu!! Norichika Tsukamoto VS Hiroyuki Mogi Kenji Yamaki VS Norichika Tsukamoto Norichika Tsukamoto VS Yasuhiro Shichinohe […]

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Throwback Thursday – Sunrise Practice Training — Miami Shotokan Karate Club

One of our time-honored dojo traditions is our annual sunrise beach training in Key Biscayne. Because this event is coming up in just a little over a month, we thought we’d share some moments from last year’s event. In case you haven’t joined Miami Shotokan Karate Club for one of our beach practices, this year […]

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EC 2016 – Results — nadin4eblog

Adults Women -­50Kg 1 Violeta Litovska Bulgaria 2 Justina Sisaite Lithuania 3 Sandra Nowak Poland 3 Eider Cardenosa Spain Adults Women 50­-55Kg 1 Zsofia Szabo Hungary 2 Isis Pinilla Spain 3 Marta Lubos Poland 3 Veronika Nemeth Hungary Adults Women 55­-60Kg 1 Inga Mikstaite Lithuania 2 Gabija Gudeliauskaite Lithuania 3 Lidia Kormondi Hungary 3 Tamar […]

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