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Karate; Saleh International Female Open Karate Championship for June 2016 — Combats Corner

Sensei Bobby Bamgboye in Lagos said the Zainab Saleh International Female Open Karate Championship scheduled for June 2016 should be exciting for all karate-ka in Nigeria and neighboring countries

via Karate; Saleh International Female Open Karate Championship for June 2016 — Combats Corner

Team Russia & Team Bulgaria for the 2nd KWU World championship



Team Russia


  • Armenyan Sergey / -60kg Royama/Kan
  • Marcel Mansurov / -65kg IFK
  • Artur Krymov / -70kg IFK
  • Svyatoslav Yerenkov / -75kg WKO
  • Yevgeniy Agapov / -80kg WKO
  • Igor Ryadnov / -85kg IFK
  • Andrey Uleschenko / -90kg Royama/Kan
  • Nikolai Maslennikov / -95kg IFK
  • Samodurov Vasil / +95kg Royama/Kan


  • Anna Virabyan / -55kg WKO
  • Fattakhova Guzel / -60kg KWF
  • Sabaeva Angelica / -65kg IFK
  • Irina Kryazheva / -70kg IFK
  • Tatiana Gendik / +70kg Royama/Kan

Team Bulgaria*


  • Nikolov Dilyan  -60
  • Shen Berkdzhan -65
  • Komanov Ivan -70
  • Bratkov Deyan -75
  • Yorgov Nikolay -80
  • Komanov Alexander -85
  • Martinov Petar -90
  • Yanev Yordan -95
  • Georgiev Hristo +95


  • Boycheva Stanislava -55
  • Kostova Iya -60
  • Ivanova Mihaela -65

* All fighters are from Bulgarian Kyokushin-kan federation. Info by Prolet Vasileva – General Secretary of BKKF

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What is Karate?

An uncertain path

The above video is of the highlights of a kumite competition, with the rather disingenuous title of karate knockouts. The video is of a non-contact variation of competition kumite, and the “knockouts” are not what one could consider definitive. They are merely blows which have been received which were harder, and more intense, than expected or trained for by the competitors and resulted in something closer to a slip than a knockout.

I would like the reader to note three things on viewing:

  1. The Music.
  2. What type of action has been selected for this highlight reel?
  3. The Title.

Ultimately, the combination of all three comes to try and sell an idea of intensity and danger regarding this style of competition. It also robs the viewer of what can be tantalising about the style of competition; the opportunity for the display of techniques, strategising to maximise one’s effectiveness within the rules…

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Karate Philosophy Corner:

Coming Full Circle

The old masters built their repertoire on solid basics. The old masters built their repertoire on solid basics.

Disclaimer: despite the fact that I don’t perceive Karate to be a sport, I do understand that it is a recognised sport that is trying to achieve Olympic status. It is on this basis that I write about the art in this sphere. 

I’ve never been particularly an avid fan of kata, however I must admit that when performed honestly and with great skill;it’s a thing of beauty. It seems that in the modern karate landscape that in a very general sense, the motivation for perfecting technique in kata and its performance stems from competition. With all the exposure I’ve had to competitions, including WKF-style as well as the more traditional competitions, it’s no surprise that as an overzealous kyu grade that I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into some more advanced kata. However, it is a slight…

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