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The Challenger Nollywood Martial Arts Action Featuring *Abel Chiviks*


Future Nigerian Martial Arts action star, Abel Chiviks, burst on the scene with a martial arts short shot on his I phone.

IF YOU MISS WATCHING THIS VIDEO, THEN YOU’VE TOTALLY MISSED THE BEST SHORT ACTION CLIP OF THIS YEAR…This is the Heroes’ Gym! “The Origin of the best of the best!!This is AFRICA TOP TEAM! “The only TEAM that sets the PACE for all WORLD TEAMS and in all PLANETS”!!!This is the AFRICA TOP TEAM NIGERIA! “The BIRTHPLACE of WARRIORS and CHAMPIONS”!!!This is The LEDGE GROUP! “Making AFRICA great and remaining GREAT until the end of TIME”!!!This is LEDGE SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT NIGERIA! “The BEST PLACE and HOME for SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT in the WORLD”!!!We know no FAILURE! DEATH!! or DEFEAT!!!We are seeds! When buried, we grow and sprout stronger!!!Cut one head? We grow a thousand more!!!

LSAE would like to announce that lil brother Abel Chiviks will be formally joining the Ledge sports and entertainment family as a partner in our entertainment division. CEO Peter Brown, the Ledge Group, executive director Hero Samson and Fred Ford Jr have sanctioned and are financing the foundation of Chiviks Media Group! We look forward to working with this very talented young man to bring to the world the best martial arts content from Nigeria 🇳🇬. Stay tuned…………..

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New E-Book on Kung Fu! — Pat Smith Martial Arts

My new e-book on Kung Fu, Secrets of Kung Fu Mastery: The Fundamentals, is hot “off the press” from Amazon. This 50-plus page e-book, with numerous photos and images, provides a brief overview of Kung Fu history, the importance of stances, conditioning, kicks, hand and other strikes, forms training, and Kung Fu weapons. Be sure to […]

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Han Dynasty Fundamentals of the Sword — Internal Wudang Martial Arts

Ancient China – Han Dynasty 206 BC – 220 AD With the appearing of philosophical Taoists in the Han Dynasty one could say the Han Dynasty was a high culture which changed China and the fundamental understandings of many things. The Han swords are the ancestors of the Tang swords (618-907 AD) which were the very […]

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Martial Arts Travel Guide for China — SMA bloggers

People who travel to China without downloading this travel guide are 138% more likely to be unprepared for the journey ahead. All right, so maybe we’re exaggerating this point to grab your attention. However, the fact is that after you’ve read this guide you will know exactly what preparations are required before you begin your […]

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Martial Arts Focus: Sanda — Pitch2cage

Sanda also known as Sanshou is the most popular self defence/combat martial art sport in China, yet many outside of the region don’t know of it’s existence. Sanda originates from traditional Chinese martial arts and Lei Tai which was a common practice for Chinese soldiers in the 19th Century. According to Black Belt Magazine the Chinese government built the Whampoa […]

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