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(reproduced from “Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley” is the second combat application set of Shaolin Kungfu in our school. It comprises of basic Combat Sequences 5 to 8, and helps to extend the repertoire of kungfu techniques of Shaolin Kungfu students. 5. Fierce Tiger Speeds Through Valley 6. Dark Dragon Draws Water 7. Chop […]

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New E-Book on Kung Fu! — Pat Smith Martial Arts

My new e-book on Kung Fu, Secrets of Kung Fu Mastery: The Fundamentals, is hot “off the press” from Amazon. This 50-plus page e-book, with numerous photos and images, provides a brief overview of Kung Fu history, the importance of stances, conditioning, kicks, hand and other strikes, forms training, and Kung Fu weapons. Be sure to […]

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Han Dynasty Fundamentals of the Sword — Internal Wudang Martial Arts

Ancient China – Han Dynasty 206 BC – 220 AD With the appearing of philosophical Taoists in the Han Dynasty one could say the Han Dynasty was a high culture which changed China and the fundamental understandings of many things. The Han swords are the ancestors of the Tang swords (618-907 AD) which were the very […]

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