Martial arts film review from a brother who loves kung fu

Martial arts film review from a brother who loves kung fu


Michael S. Moore

Yep. That’s me, practicing with butterfly swords. I’ve been trolling this Earth for many a moon, finally settling in Austin, Texas, where I met and married the love of my life. Before I started doing these reviews, I was/am the writer of the indie comic book El Gato Negro, which follows the adventures of a hispanic superhero fighting crime in South Texas. The first issue was released worldwide in 2005, and you can now read it online here:

I’ve gone back to college in order to get my degree in film, and I am nearly finished! I also became a practitioner of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, and currently practice at the Austin Kung-Fu academy under Santanu Rahman (a contributor to the website) , and I currently rank as a Red sash but I’m working my way toward my black sash. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting quite a few celebrities, mostly through doing the comic book, but I’ve met more since doing the website! I got to shake Jackie Chan’s hand while attending a screening of Miracles (I still haven’t washed that hand yet) and even met and befriended James Hong, the villain from Big Trouble in Little China:





So that’s me in a tiny, tiny nutshell. So quit reading this and get back to reading some kick-ass reviews!





Is this the end of Wu Jing?!


Wu Jing Breaks legs

Wu Jing Breaks legs

That is a vision we’ve seen from Jackie Chan more than once, but here we have Wu Jing, who suffered great injuries during the filming of SPL 2, with 2 broken legs and more. There is now speculation that this will end the 41-year-old’s career. With SPL 2 and Wolf Warrior coming up, there is a chance of that. Wolf War is his directorial debut, and hinted than his destiny may well be behind the camera. I’d hate to see Wu Jing hang it up, and that would leave Donnie Yen and (Now) Xing Yu as the only real martial arts stars in China.

I had always thought that Wu Jing would become a superstar once he found his Wong Fei Hung or Ip Man. He has the talent, but nowadays guys who would do things that garner injuries like Wu Jing above are a dying breed. Most Chinese action films now have stuntmen performing for the stars just like in Hollywood films. The days of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and their crews are, sadly, over.

I hope Wu Jing will make more films, but wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. How well Wolf Warrior does may go a long way toward his decision either way.

Thanks to Lee Golden with Film Combat Syndicate for the original story.

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