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7 Foot Chinese Boxer Ready To Dominate The Heavyweight Division

Got The Drop

The Chinese fighter, given the nickname “The Great Wall” for obvious reasons, stands at a whopping 7-feet and weighs in at 286-pounds. He might just be the most intimidating boxer walking this earth, even though he has no amateur experience.

In a stereotype that will make every tall person sigh, Dong was formerly a basketball player. He didn’t think twice about changing sport, however, as he told Fox Sports.“The transition wasn’t really hard,” said Dong. “Nowadays I have to concentrate on fewer things, since I only have to apply punches and protect the upper part of my body.”

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Ubelievable! Boxer knocks out opponent with one arm!

Every fighter who steps between the ropes must possess a certain level of courage; otherwise they would never have stuck with the sport. But all fighters aren’t created equal – some are blessed with more physical talent while others make up for their shortcomings with mental fortitude that wears out opponents just as effectively as a hook to the liver. More than a few times, a boxer endowed with determination and grit overcomes obstacles that would have conquered others to emerge with a memorable victory. If you need more proof, just ask new welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir.

Some boxers, however, manage to go beyond the reasonable limits of human endurance to acquire that valuable “W.” British heavyweight Danny Williams was one such fighter, and his bout with Mark Potter on October 21, 2000 at the Conference Centre in London produced one of the most mind-blowing examples of fortitude ever seen in the ring.