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Arnis — rndomthings

So. I joined the summer class Arnis. It is a lot of fun than I thought it would be. Although this was just the first week of class. second week starts next week :)P. Anywho, it is fun! lots of stuff to learn and the place where I’m learning at is also windy so the […]

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The 12 Strikes of Escrima — rufmaescrimador

In this instructional video my check hand (hand with no weapon) was check-happy but the strikes are still correct as to what they taught us at R.U.F.M.A. One way to be familiar with the strikes is to remember that even-numbered strikes are back-handed strikes. Practice the basics, over and over, even without a bag!

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The Footwork of the F.M.A. — Pendulum Arts

Sikaran flow- an introduction Filipino Martial Arts is known to be a stick-fighting arts but what a lot of non-die hard martial artist don’t know is that the FMA is a complete system including all length of weapons including projectile weapons and open hands. Here we demonstrate the footwork and kicking arts of the […]

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Originally published in The Manila Times. MACABEBES as WARRIORS and MERCENARIES July 5, 2014 8:56 pm by Perry Gil S. Mallari, Fight Times Editor While it is not highlighted in Philippine history, the first Filipino martyr for freedom was a Kapampangan, a Macabebe in particular. When Spanish forces under the leadership of Don Miguel Lopez […]

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Meeting SGM Cacoy Canete of Doce Pares Eskrima Club

With SGM Cacoy Cañete

“The next time I get to Cebu, I’d like to meet SGM Cacoy Canete.” I don’t know how many times I’ve said that to myself. I already lost count. At last, it happened, courtesy of Master V and Miss Dina!!!

Being an avid Eskrima fan and practitioner, it’s a dream come true for me to meet him. I bet all if not most Filipino martial artists would love to see him, too! Right??! No wonder I was over the moon when I’ve finally met him, in the flesh!

SGM Cacoy is still sharp and witty at 95-years-old. He has told our group a million jokes! And we enjoyed every bit of his punch lines. It’s very evident in his aura that he’s happy and fulfilled. He exudes so much happiness and it’s contagious. He’s a living proof that not taking life TOO seriously can bring you a long, cheerful life. So, go…

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Balintawak Eskrima Rough Sparring

The title pretty much says it all. Just one of those Balintawak Eskrima sparring sessions we do in class. Although, it’s a bit more intense than the others. We fight dirty like in the streets. It may not be beautiful nor graceful but it’s as real as it can get. My adrenaline really went through the roof and I was exhausted afterwards! Good cardio. #BeastMode

What do you think of the video? Let me know in the comments! 😉

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Preparing Your Eskrima for the Street


"Secrets" of the Filipino Fighting Arts

Is your Eskrima still “street-effective”?

One of the things drawing street defense/self defense enthusiast to the Filipino art is our simplicity and our effectiveness for the average man’s needs. I ask if your FMA is “still” street-effective because over the recent 30 or so years that the FMA has been noticed by the mainstreet, most styles have lost that edge. Perhaps your Grandmaster’s Eskrima was good for defense and street fighting, but most likely over the two or three generations that it got to you–your art very likely has lost that “ummph”:

  • Teachers have focused on developing their skill at putting on nice demos, rather than fighting
  • Teachers no longer put students up against other students out of concern that those who lose in matches may become discouraged and quit
  • Eskrima curriculum have started to focus on fighting other Eskrimadors, rather than what will be encountered on the…

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