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Guns, the great social Equalizer — Urban Tactics Krav Maga

A while ago, I saw a preview of the AMC TV series Into the Badlands. Something has happened to create a world without guns, and with guns no longer available, the old ways of martial arts came back. Those who are able to train or control those who could fight have become warlords. While I still have yet […]

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Combatives: From the IDF to Hollywood; Krav-Maga’s Meteoric Rise — Hammerhead Combat Systems

The Israeli close-combat method shoulders its way into civilian life as the ultimate form of self-defense Krav Maga, the close-combat method conceived in secrecy by the Israeli army, has kicked its way firmly into civilian life and with Hollywood’s help, has become the ultimate form of self-defense. “The idea is to be able to quickly […]

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Awareness, the key to keeping yourself Safe — Urban Tactics Krav Maga

*This is a re-edited version of a previous article, however it is important to understand that the first stage of Krav Maga/self defense no matter the style is Awareness. Not punching, Not kicking, not aggression. If you cannot see the fight about to come you have failed in some aspect. Someone: What is Krav Maga? Me: So back […]

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Krav Maga – The Best Way to Defend Yourself — Krav Mega Elite Montreal

KM3 is a cop, an Canadian decent he is serious about his career as well as civil service, but a truly funny man. Tall, not heavy-looking, though. Always places humor to every little thing around him. When not in a policeman’s attire, he could pass for a cleaning person. When spruced up for Sunday mass, he […]

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The difference between Combat Sambo and Krav Maga


Clubkozak-Pancrase Montreal

Krav Maga is another popular martial art that people often come and ask me if it has any similarities with Combat Sambo.
Krav Maga meaning “combat contact”, in Hebrew, is a combat system that is said to used by the Israeli military. It has become very popular and is taught around the world with different Krav Maga organizations.

Krav Maga-Isreali military system Krav Maga-Isreali military system

Both Combat Sambo and Krav Maga are systems used by the military and police, the former used by ex-USSR republics and the latter by Israel.
Within Combat Sambo there are generally 3 ‘types’ within this system. Sport Combat Sambo (ie.MMA with a jacket), street Combat Sambo (reality self-defense suited for civilians) and military Combat Sambo.
Generally in the majority of Combat Sambo gyms (like Club Kozak) teach the sport and self-defense versions. The military version has added techniques of weapons fighting eg. Knife, bayonet etc… These are…

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“Imi” Lichtenfeld- The Father Of Krav Maga

Combat Conversation

founder-krav-maga-imi-lichtenfeld IMRE “IMI” LICHTENFELD

Krav Maga, or “contact combat”, is known for being a brutal martial art. Used by the Israeli Defense Force it is an art that focuses on attacking the most vulnerable parts of the body. Back in 1948 when the IDF was founded it’s School of Combat Fitness was ran by its Chief Instructor, a man by the name of Imre “Imi” Lichtenfeld.

imi-lichtenfeld A YOUNG IMI

     Born in Hungary in 1910, Lichtenfeld grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia. His dad Samuel was a policeman and an acrobat. As a youth Imi trained under his father who was also a boxer and a wrestler. In the 1930’s when Germany approved the Nuremburg Laws (which said Jews were inferior and weren’t entitled to the same protections as German citizens), Imi, along with a lot of his boxing and wresting buddies, had to defend themselves frequently against Anti-Semites that would terrorize…

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