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The Wise Samurai — Yogi Kick

Near Tokyo, lived a great Samurai, already old, and now spending his time teaching young people. Despite his age, the legend was that he could defeat any opponent. One afternoon, a warrior, known for his complete lack of scruples, appeared there. This warrior was famous for using techniques of provocation. He hoped that his opponent made […]

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Create a Custom Katana


Ever wish you could make your own custom katana but have no clue where to start? Well no you can, and at an affordable price.

I’m talking about selecting what type blade you want all the way up to what you want the saya to be. Our full Katana Sword Reviews site provides the run down here.

Custom Katana 1

Swords of Northshire, a newer site offering a wide range of swords varying from katanas to tantos and other Asian weaponry provides a great user friendly way to customize your own katana. Other sites may claim they will develop a custom katana but I’ve found that the actual variation or customization of the sword is very limited. This site offers the following customizations:

  1. Blade material
  2. Blade sharpening
  3. Nagasa
  4. Bo-Hi
  5. Saya
  6. Hamon
  7. Sageo
  8. Tsuba
  9. Fuchi & Kashira
  10. Same
  11. Ito
  12. Menuki
  13. Custom engraving
  14. And other accessories

For those interested in creating their own…

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3 Ways Judo Helped Launch Karate in the United States

Kano Jigoro A man skilled in both martial arts and philosophy was considered ideal by the Samurai in a post-warring-states Japan. What made Kano different than a typical warrior though was his ability to innovative teaching methods and push his ideas to the public.

lKano Jigoro

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Kano Jigoro was a unique martial arts figure. Born into a financially stable family in the sake business, Kano had access to certain societal perks from a young age. One perk that he put to great use was education. A student of classic literature, philosophy, and pedagogy, Kano quickly became one of the bright minds […]

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