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Fit Is Not Healthy: A Shaolin Monk’s Guide To Exceptional Wellness — shifuyanlei

In the age of social media, many people train for a body they perceive looks attractive to other people. When I was training at the Shaolin Temple, we didn’t even have a camera. Nothing was documented. We trained to conquer our mind and body and become the best we could in our chosen art form. Since […]

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Yi Jin Jing : Changing Muscles & Tendons — Neil (thekungfuguy) Ripski

Yi Jin Jing 易筋经 The YiJinJing is a very old and very famous hard qigong practice that is generally kept secret, what follows is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Secrets of Drunken Boxing :Volume 3 :Internal Alchemy & Qigong. This is information about the muscle tendon changing classic that was written in my […]

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Shaolin Wahnam Kuala Lumpur

(reproduced from http://shaolin.org/shaolin/greatest.html)

Shaolin Kungfu is the greatest martial art in the world because it has produced the largest number of generals and masters in history, has the most extensive techniques, skills and philosophy, enriches people’s life and leads to spiritual fulfilment.

Shaolin Monastery

The Main Gate of the Shaolin Monastery

Shaolin Kungfu is the greatest martial art in the world! Understandably, exponents of other kungfu styles or martial systems will vehemently oppose this claim, but if they care to read on, are prepared to discard provincial prejudice and reason intellectually, they may even agree. I must clarify that I am far from originating the claim of Shaolin Kungfu as the greatest martial art. A statement to this effect has already been popular in China since the Tang Dynasty more than 1000 years ago!

Great Generals and Empire Builders


Many great generals were trained in the Shaolin tradition

What criteria should we…

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Finding Spirituality through Shaolin Teachings

The Busted Up Blog

Today I felt I needed to embrace something Spiritual and learn something about anything… that brings peace. And I came across this documentary.

I do find myself inspired, the devotion and passion of these monks or disciples is amazing. How differently people live, and you can look at them and see this peace and stillness, there strength and vitality.

To think I can’t motivate myself to go for a walk everyday, while these guys entire life is spent ‘practicing’. Beautiful fluent movements, martial arts, as their meditation.

I really enjoyed the last temple as it was genuine and I found myself feeling more still and in the moment as the guy does as well.

I recommend this watch, it’s intriguing, beautiful and inspiring.

BBC: Extreme Pilgrim – Shaolin Monastery

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Shaolin Festival Kicks Off in Central China

Shaolin Festival Kicks Off in Central China
2014-10-20 08:47:31 CRIENGLISH.com Web Editor: Guo



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Original post CRIENGLISH.com]


Athletes perform martial arts in unison outside the famous Shaolin Temple at the opening ceremony of International Shaolin Wushu Festival. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

An International Shaolin Wushu Festival is underway in the central Chinese province of Henan.

The opening ceremony has seen some 10-thousand athletes performing martial arts in unison outside the famous Shaolin Temple.

This year’s festival includes participants from 60 different countries and regions.

American Dwight Duckens is attending the festival for the third time.

“So far today, this is the most I’ve ever seen at an opening ceremony, so I’m glad to be here and see the vice governors and officials speaking for the opening. We’ve never seen it before, I haven’t seen it in the past. So this is great.”

Canadian John Cossey is also among those taking part in the festival.

“I think there were some pretty unique activities that were done, like throwing the needle through the glass and popping the balloon. And I liked some other activities where they were using unique objects like shovels or brooms or nun chucks and stuff like that to demonstrate their kungfu skills.”

This year’s event will run until Wednesday.