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Here is an interview with Martin Wheeler on Systema! See You On The Mats! Brian R. VanCise Note: This blog is opinion only and neither Instinctive Response Training LLC or Brian R. VanCise are responsible for any third party actions. Visit us at: http://www.instinctiveresponsetraining.com Visit our store at: https://instinctiveresponsetrainingstore.ecwid.com/

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CORE Exercises for Grapplers – 3 Systema Ground Rolling Techniques — Fight Camp Conditioning

3 systema ground rolling techniques to help you improve your body awareness, coordination, mobility and strength in a variety of positionshttps://fightcampconditioning.com/systema-ground-rolling/

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The Russian Martial Art of Systema Fighting Technique

Michael Chin Worcester Blog Site

Michael Chin Worcester Systema Brand New Post

Michael Chin Worcester Systema TechniquesThe Russian Martial Art of Systema is different than your everyday martial arts. Rather than learning how to attack, Systema’s training is more focused on learning how to respond to an attack. The existence of Systema is believed to predate back to the cold war era in the Soviet Union, but actually has roots in ancient Russian fighting styles that existed more than a millennium ago.

The style is a fluid, reactionary style that focuses on individual strengths and characteristics. The main focus is to erase physical and mental tension from the fighting equation so that the fighter is prepared for the next move. There is also a fair amount of importance on the starting-stance in Systema. The starting stance should be straightforward and natural; there should not be any immanence of a threat. The stance should reflect the position at which your…

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