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Popular Machado BJJ Black Belt Gives Respect To Taekwondo — White Dragon Dojang

Popular Machado BJJ Black Belt Gives Respect To Taekwondo I thought this was pretty interesting. Jean Machado who runs TheMachLife YouTube channel that makes many comedy videos about BJJ, the martial arts, and other topics did one on Taekwondo. I thought it was going to be a video making fun of Taekwondo, but […]

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High School of Zombie — Girls, Guns & Zombies!

High School of Zombie (2014) is a short South Korean martial arts film produced by K-Tigers and Woonsa Studio. Starring Tae-mi. Not rated. 2:54 run time. Watch with additional shot break downs (here). My thoughts… High School of Zombie is a showcase for the martial arts skills of South Korean actress and taekwondo champion Tae-mi […]

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Actress and Taekwondo Athlete Taemi Aims for First Pitch Supremacy

Yellow Slug Reviews

baseball k kim

Korean ceremonial first pitches: Where the real war of skill takes place on a baseball mound.

Taemi (also known as K Kim and Tammy which just makes google searching much too difficult) must have seen rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo Ji’s first pitch and decided to challenge her for the What-Kind-of-Fuckery-is-This Title by fighting her way onto the mound for a Doosan Bears game (pun entirely intended).  Once there, Taemi stared down the catcher, arched her back and then unleashed a Street Fighter cheat code on the baseball world:

What in the flipping fuq.

She could beat me up any day. She could beat me up any day.

I’m not even sure which one is more impressive, the girl who bent her entire torso around her leg like a loose windmill, or the girl who launched herself into an in-the-air somersault to deliver a pitch near home base without throwing up everywhere.

All that I know is that…

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Does Taekwondo have a Clinch?

Martial Methodology

A version of the clinch is a popular technique in Olympic style competition.

One of the many criticisms of Taekwondo is that it’s not a complete striking system. I wrote previously refuting this idea. One area that I missed was the so-called clinch. The clinch is a close-range grapple technique which either immobilizes the arms or places the players at a position of control to execute elbows, knees, and/or take-downs. Sports that include its use include, but are not limited to, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, various Wrestling styles, and yes, to some extent, even Taekwondo.

Muay Thai clinching:

Boxing clinch:

In boxing, the clinch is more of a survival technique; if you are hurt, you burst in and immobilize the opponent, trying to regain your bearings. You can also attack from their but it’s close range punches which in relation to other techniques might not be maximally effective. In Muay Thai…

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Ashour Zadeh Fallah- Iran’s Taekwondo Prodigy

Combat Conversation



This 18 year old kid whom the Taekwondo world has nicknamed “The Tsunami” has begun to make a name for himself taking a dominant hold of the sport.

     On December 3rd at the World Taekwondo Federation Grand Prix Final in Queretaro, Mexico, Fallah mowed through his opponents easily to the championship bout. Winning a gold medal by taking apart Korean Taekwondo star Tae-Mun Cha, beating him by 12 points. He took up Taekwondo at the age of 6 and made it onto the Junior National team by the age of 12. Now at age 18 he’s also won the Incheon Asian Games and the Manchester Grand Prix, all this before even achieving the rank of black belt. He says he plans to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


     “For me, what is very important is the mental fight, not the body fight, I…

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