Two Encounters with Bruce Lee: Finding Reality in the Life of the Little Dragon

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Bruce Lee Graffiti.  Source: Wikimedia. Bruce Lee Graffiti. Source: Wikimedia.

John Little (ed.) 2000. Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon. Rutland: Tuttle Publishing.

Tommy Gong. 2014. Bruce Lee: The Evolution of a Martial Artist, 2nd edition. Black Belt Books, a Division of Ohara Publications, inc.

“Remembering” Bruce Lee, for the First Time

It seems that at some point every martial artist must encounter Bruce Lee. Many individuals can tell dramatic stories about the first time that they saw him dominate the action in the Green Hornet, or that hot summer night in 1973 when he flew right off of the drive-in movie screen. These moments are often discussed with a sort of awe and reverence that is reserved for religious experiences. Indeed, that is precisely what Bruce Lee became for a generation of martial artists. He was a prophet of the idea of self-liberation; an embodied promise that a more…

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