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Krav Maga – The Best Way to Defend Yourself — Krav Mega Elite Montreal

KM3 is a cop, an Canadian decent he is serious about his career as well as civil service, but a truly funny man. Tall, not heavy-looking, though. Always places humor to every little thing around him. When not in a policeman’s attire, he could pass for a cleaning person. When spruced up for Sunday mass, he […]

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Originally published in The Manila Times. MACABEBES as WARRIORS and MERCENARIES July 5, 2014 8:56 pm by Perry Gil S. Mallari, Fight Times Editor While it is not highlighted in Philippine history, the first Filipino martyr for freedom was a Kapampangan, a Macabebe in particular. When Spanish forces under the leadership of Don Miguel Lopez […]

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Kendo (Japanese sport) — Awesome City—TOKYO

Have you ever heard of Kendo? Kendo is one of Japan’s traditional sports. It is similar to fencing. When we do kendo, we put on a hakama and bougu. Hakama is a long pleated skirt. Bougu is protective equipment. We put men (mask), kote (gloves), dou (plastron), and tare (name tag), and we hit those […]

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