Ranges In Grappling

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tools

I have been thinking an awful lot how concepts of range can or should be applied to jiu-jitsu or grappling. Intuitively grappling is a closer range than most other forms of combat. So maybe we can think of range in grappling as a further break down of range concepts:

  • Out fighting – Angles, timing, footwork, etc used to create opportunities to attack and not be in danger
  • Mid-Range – Both parties in range of the other’s attack
  • Closed or Grappling – Example Ranges
    • Open guard, opponent cannot attack
    • Open Guard with opponent in range to attack
    • Closed Guard opponent with broken posture. Infighting

Lets try to find some examples of each…

Long Distance Grappling – Here is a highlight clip of Romulo Barral using the spider guard. He is able to keep his opponents out of range to act and eventually sweep or attack them.

Mid-range – The 50/50 guard…

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